Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Artist David M. Mitchell to make US Debut at NeoCon

Mitchell, an expat from the UK who has resided in Asia for nearly 20 years initially captured the attention of Art Rent and Lease with a submission of a Turneresque cloud image, Numinous. A print from this edition of 9 was recently acquired by the Museum of Natural History – Vienna. It is Mitchell’s abstract imagery and the conceptual nature of his latest work which Williams finds most compelling however. “With an attendee list rich in healthcare space planners, I have selected the work of Mitchell for exhibition not only because it is aesthetically appropriate for the corporate and healthcare market segments, it is also particularly well suited to the healthcare and interior design markets.” Mitchell was diagnosed with Left Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in the ‘90’s when making the segue from commercial and fashion photography to the fine art arena. The onset of this life changing neurological condition has had a dramatic impact on his creative process. In his most recent work, to be featured in booth #8-2113, he explores the LTL Epilepsy associated jamais vu and déjà vu sensations where the familiar becomes foreign and the foreign becomes familiar,” commented Williams.