Friday, April 29, 2011

Logo Design - Yellow Evokes Hunger, Happiness and Joy

by Sam Anderson
Yellow Logos:

Yellow is another color that evokes hunger among humans. Other reactions of yellow include warmth, positivity, Happiness, Joy and buoyancy. The best feature of using yellow in logo design is that it is bright and catches the eye of the audience. A prime example of yellow color in logo design is McDonald’s golden arches logo that increases appetite among the people.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Art Rentals for Movie Sets & Photo Shoots

From New York to New Orleans, more and more creative directors are opting for rented art for their movie sets and photo shoots.  Why?  Variety, cost savings, exclusivity and best of all - fantastic original artwork that really "makes" the scene perfect!

We've supplied art for movies including "Remember Me" starring Robert Pattison, several HBO movies and series', furniture, clothing and housewares catalog photo shoots, typically with just a day or two notice.  Our artists sign a release, we send an invoice and verify insurance and voila....done!

Shown above is Gregory Coates "How do you like me now" - an amazing work or recycled rubber that can be configured to any set size at very reasonable pricing.  For more information, call Lisa at Art Rent and Lease (888) 440-9260.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stunning Office Furniture for Hiding Secrets!


Stunning Steampunk Office Furniture For Hiding Corporate Secrets
by Suzanne Labarre

The suite of chairs, a table, a lamp, and a cabinet you see here is stylish office furniture for the design-minded corporate lawyer who has something to hide, which is to say, oh, every corporate lawyer. Kidding! (But not really.)
Designed by Slovenia’s Nika Zupanc, the so-called Selfdiscipline series features built-in storage that can disappear in an instant beneath the edifice of a tres-hip, steampunk aesthetic (brass organ grinder levers and all).

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And for stunning artwork, consider an art rental or art lease - great artwork at low prices and, you can write off it off as a business expense!  Visit or call us at (888) 440-9260 for details.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Art of Fabulous Rugs....and, Art

The rug can make the room, so can the art.

Is your lobby exciting and inviting?  Does it inspire your visitors?  If not, let us help.  We have thousands of original paintings, sculpture and glass works as well as a variety of rugs available, al for sale, rent or lease.  No excuses....fill those empty spaces and revitalize your space for Spring!

For a free initial consultation, call us at (888) 440-9260 - we have offices and consultants throughout the US who will meet with you, view the space, take photos and measurements and make recommendations based on your budget and time frame.  Simple steps to energize your space!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art for Home Staging - YES we Can!!!

"Boat" by Andrea Bonfils

Although we've received complaints from the real estate agent that the prospective buyer liked the artwork we supplied and NOT the home they went to see.....sorry!

If you have a home for sale, if you're a home staging expert or an agent that wants to add a little "glam" to a property, call us....really!  We have thousands of original paintings, sculpture and glass pieces for rent from 1 day to months, whatever you need.  Prices start at just $20 (with a $100 per month minimum) - easily affordable and we can bill your credit card - easy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

HGTV's How to Install Picture Rail Molding

Why make holes in the wall when you can display this way?

Picture rail molding provides both visual interest and a way to display pictures without making numerous holes in the wall. To determine how much you need, decide how high you want to install the molding and measure the perimeter of the room at that height, and then add an additional 10 percent to the measurement. Note that picture rail molding is typically installed within 12 inches of the ceiling (although @artrentandlease we've installed at lower heights to fit a "look") and shouldn't be installed above any window or door casings.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Color Psychology in Logo Design - Red

Written by Sam Anderson, from

Color psychology is crucial in logo designing and can make or break your logo design. Ever wondered why do we feel hungry every time we see McDonald’s logo or Pizza Hut logo? Beside the fact that they are fast-food restaurant logos, the red and yellow color induces your appetite even though you aren’t hungry.

Red is the strongest of all colors. It evokes a variety of strong emotions like aggressiveness, passion, strength, vigor and vitality.

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We at Art Rent and Lease LOVE the color red (it's also in our logo!) - thanks Sam for a great story!  Of course, today is TAX day, so many of our viewers may be seeing Red ;-) and not green.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Remodel Now to Avoid Accessiblity Problems Later

"Nantucket" by Andrea Bonfils - Available for sale, rent or lease

An article from the New York Times:

In the past, contractors often had to educate clients about the value of universal design, a term that covers barrier-free access for people of all ages and abilities, but a growing number of adults 50 and older are aware of such modifications. Some of these people are providing care to others, and some have their own health problems. About 80 percent of Americans age 45 and older prefer to "age in place"—that is, to remain in their current homes and communities, according to a recent AARP study. Manufacturers and contractors are responding with new products and technologies.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

10 Tips for Hanging Wood Picture Frames

Lots of people have different ways that they choose to hang wood picture frames and you’ll get a wide range of suggestions and tips everywhere. Absolutely nothing is set in stone, but here are 10 rules for hanging wood picture frames:

The painting above is by artist Gregory Coates (his work was recently placed in the Smithsonian), at a client's location.  Shown with bright white mat and black wood frame.  For information on art for your office, please call us at (888) 440-9260.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Open Office Plans, Popular in Europe, Gain Ground in U.S.

Via Scripps News:

Shelby Bryant admits she wasn't thrilled to learn she would be one of the guinea pigs testing a new open office environment for pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline near Raleigh, N.C.

An administrative assistant in Research Triangle Park, Bryant, 39, went from having a desk outside her boss's office to having no assigned desk or phone.

Instead of personalizing her workspace with family photos and funny cartoons, she was expected to leave her work area each day the same way she found it: pristine.

"It was a big adjustment," said Bryant, who has worked for the drug maker for 18 years. "There were a lot of distractions, and it was hard to stay focused."

But the new setup had its advantages. The lack of offices increased collaboration among colleagues, cutting down decision-making time. E-mail traffic was reduced, as was the time she spent on the phone.

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HGTV Designer's Choice - Outta This World Orange!

We loved this photo of a room designed by Celia Berliner, seen on the website and wanted to share with you!  The only thing missing is a beautiful painting on the orange wall behind the seating area - we'd recommend "Creation" by Francine Kohn to tie in the rug, floor colors - everything!

We're here if you need help with art in your space and, we have a fantastic new rotating rental program, so call us (888) 440-9260 - art rentals, lease art, art sales - we have it all!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Super Hot Trends in Home Design

All that glitters at Toronto show
By Daniel Drolet, Postmedia News March 19, 2011

What's hot in interior design this year? The recent Interior Design Show in Toronto highlighted four scorching trends:  Bling

The show was awash in glitter and gleam.

Crystals, often Swarovski, were embedded in bathroom fixtures, sprinkled on window blinds and wallpaper, sparkling as ember beds in gas fireplaces and twinkling as buttons in upholstered furniture. What wasn't decorated with crystals was shiny, as in gleaming glass kitchen counters, polished surfaces and flashy accessories.

"We treat faucets like jewelry," says Robert Calabrese of Aquabrass (, a Concord, Ont.-based distributor whose new line of bathroom faucets called AquaCristal brings bling to the bathroom.

Sun Glow Window Coverings of Canada ( is adding Swarovski trim and pulls to some of its window blinds for what the company calls "delicate shimmer."

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Art Online and Beyond

From TechNewsWorld, by Vivian Wagner

A few years ago, several Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) employees got together and asked a fateful question: What if they extended Google's technologies of gathering and archiving information into the world of visual art?

The recently launched Google Art Project is the answer to that question, taking one of the broadest steps yet in bringing the bricks-and-mortar-and-paint world of art museums to easily accessible virtual spaces.

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For information on art for rent, leasing art or art for your office or lobby (like "Ballet" by James Travers, shown above, client installation in Charlotte), call us at (888) 440-9260.