Saturday, June 27, 2009

Surface Library, Hamptons Art Gallery Opening June 27, 2009

In the Hampton's today?

Join us for an opening reception Saturday, June 27th, 6 to 8pm at Surface Library, 845 Springs Fireplace Road, East Hampton, NY 11937 - (631) 291-9061;

Curated by Lynn Dunham, "Textures" is an exhibition of artists who survey aesthetic significance from the unexpected.
The exhibit features international and local artists whose work is on rotation with Art Rent and Lease, an on-line sales, rental and leasing gallery and runs through July 26th, 2009.

Works on exhibit are fabulous, sustainable, eco-friendly and available for sale, rent or lease: a smart way for companies and individuals to acquire art without a large up front capital outlay! We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Want something but can't afford it? Rent it!

By Debra Knapp, KATU News

PORTLAND, Ore. - In our new economy, renting seems to be the way to go for many people. And it's not just places to live. It seems like anything can be rented now, from cars to handbags to hardware tools to event things like art and pets. Sharing is one of the first things we learn as kids and now the concept of sharing is all grown up.

Some call it "rental-ism" or ZipCar capitalism. “If you can be assured of having a car when you need it, then why not share cars?” asks ZipCar user Ron Holden. ZipCars are cars and trucks parked around major cities that people can rent by the hour or day. Gas and insurance is paid for in the rental fee. They can also be unlocked remotely.

But car rentals are just the beginning. Dwindling credit, pay cuts and job losses are responsible for a big shift in how many people are watching how they spend their money. The average American consumes twice as much as they did 50 years ago.

Annie Leonard’s "The Story of Stuff" project, and soon-to-be book, talks about how more stuff can become a burden, not a bonus. More Americans are shying away from ownership and choosing to save money, space and natural resources. Since 2004, ZipCar's membership has grown 100 percent annually.

Sharing – via rental services – has even made its way into popular culture, such as on Sex and the City, where one fashion-conscious – but unemployed – character sports a spendy handbag, which she proudly says she has rented. On, you can rent jewelry and sunglasses. is the Netflix version for baby toys.

On Art Rent & Lease, you can even rent art. “The advantage is you can have different pieces at different times and you don't have to keep the same piece, “ one artist whose work is on the site said, “and also, economically, I think it would be less expensive.”

Not only is renting less expensive than owning in most cases, but it is also less taxing on the environment and less of a hassle. “I don't think the way we have been living the last couple of decades is normal,” Annie Leonard said. “I think that was the aberration, we are getting back to normal now. We are getting back to realizing that more and more stuff is not really what makes us happy.”

Leonard doesn't anticipate that “rentalism” will go away anytime soon. In fact, shows us the evolution of what you no longer have to own. That company makes it possible even to rent man's best friend.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NeoCon Fine Art Pricing Discounts Offered!

Southampton, NY artist Lynn Dunham's triptych "Gold Splash in Red River" original acrylic, natural pigment and gold leaf on canvas, 36" x 36"; on exhibit at NeoCon at the Art Rent and Lease Gallery, offering works of art for sale, rent and lease.

"Gold Splash" will be available to the trade at NeoCon for a special NeoCon discounted price - ask about our program for your clients!

Monday, June 15, 2009

R.R. Lyon - Fabulous NeoCon Installation

Using renewable recycled acrylic segments and natural pigment on cable, this 5' x 8' piece by artist R.R. Lyon was installed as a NeoCon site specific installation in the Art Rental, Leasing and Sales Gallery booth number 8-2113.

Available immediately for sale, rent or lease, contact Art Rent and Lease at (888) 440-9260 x710 for more information and visit our web site at to see more Lyon's work.

To the trade and corporate direct, 20% discount applied for NeoCon purchases.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Robert Brasher Exhibits at NeoCon

A look at Chicago artist Robert Brasher's wall of original works, oil on board, at NeoCon.
Exhibiting June 15th - 17th in booth #8-2113, Brasher's art is available for sale, lease or rent, starting at just $50 per month.
If you're in Chicago, visit us at NeoCon or check out our website at You can also call (888) 440-9260 x710 for more information.