Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Funky Modern Sculpture aka: Desk Set

Designers Adrian and Jeremy Wright aim to rescue your office widgets from the ignominy of the top drawer, crafting modern office tools that ease the mind as well as the workload.
There's perhaps no more fruitful landscape than your messy desk, but a shot of order and color might do it good. Created for Lexon by the London-based team of brothers at DesignWright, these Buro Desk Tools are the visual antidote to those mountains of white paper, books and ore-colored Apple products that litter your desk already.

Sliced from one rectangular form and colored in a gradient of green, gray or violet, the seven tools may not all come in handy every day, but once plopped on your desk like a planar Southern California house, they could serve as sanctuary for your wandering eyes. Like any good Wild West story, this one may end with guns blazing, should your office-mates walk off with one of these useful little slabs; they're not easy to get in the United States. Email one of the French retailers listed here to arrange the transaction. 

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