Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Amazing Stained Glass Directional Wayfinding

From Fastcodesign, artist Paul Houseberg:

Color-coded wayfinding never looked so good!  The crux of Housberg’s technique is layering colors to achieve what he calls “an envelope of experience.” His goal is to “create an environment rather than a series of focal points,” he says, adding quickly: “Not to get too art-speaky here.”

Housberg has produced installations for organizations all over the map: Pfizer, CalSTRS , Marriott, St. Regis, and the California Pacific Medical Center, among others. For each assignment, he says, he likes to “create work that feels like it can’t be sited anywhere else.” He starts by feeling out the architecture. “I try to understand the space and the lighting the conditions and who uses the space,” he says. “That usually suggests a general approach, and then I develop a palette.”

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