Sunday, February 13, 2011

Building Healing Environments

Excerpt from Medical Office Today, by  Robert L. Titzer

Studies attest to the positive effect of the "healing environment," a concept that emerged in hospitals in the 1990s and has recently taken hold in medical office design. For example, a patient’s blood pressure tends to be higher when measured in a doctor’s office than at home, reflecting the anxiety many patients feel during even a routine check-up.

A comfortable environment encompasses not only artwork, but also furnishings, lighting, seating arrangements and even reading material. For the full article, visit:

The photograph above is a Pediatric Children's office in a Minneapolis hospital setting, a client of Art Rent and Lease.  This client's artwork is soothing and cheery for patients, relaxing anxiety and fear.   For information on an art rental or leasing art for your office, call us for a free consultation (888) 449-9260.

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