Friday, September 23, 2011

Experimental Glasses That Turn Wine Into Art

I love wine and art....this is the perfect combination!  Thanks FastCoDesign and Belinda Lanks for a great article that we've shared!
Wine glasses generally come in two varieties: red (with a big wide bowl to facilitate oxidation) and white (with a smaller mouth and tapered bowl). We’re far from sommeliers, but, to us, it seems a shame that, with so much energy devoted to developing wine, so little creativity goes into the glasses in which it’s served. Gumdesign, an Italian design collective, fixes that disparity with playful twists on traditional crystal stemware.

Most of them are subtle, clever interpretations of the usual form: One, for instance, comes with its own cork stopper; another has a dainty spout. We’re partial to the one whose tulip bowl sits slightly tilted on its stem; when paired, they can lean in or away from each other.
If you’re a wine snob who holds fast to the belief that a glass’s shape can impact bouquet, these designs may not be for you. For those who select wine by the look of the label, these glasses might have the power to make box wine palatable.

They’re made by ColleVilca, an Italian factory that makes crystal objects by hand. To order, send an email to:

For the complete story, please visit:

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