Monday, August 23, 2010

Art for the Price of Coffee?

Are you tired of staring at four empty walls in your work environment? Consider adding artwork to make your office a place where people want to work or be engaged in business. This seems like a great idea, but something is stopping you. There are actually great reasons why office and facilities managers should say "yes" to artwork in their work area or lobby.

One very good reason is that artwork in your office is affordable, no matter what your budget. With leased or rented art, a beautiful piece of artwork can be added to your office for about the monthly coffee budget. Once you determine the budget for your office, consult your art consultant to find the art that meets your financial goals.

Not only is artwork affordable, but in most cases, is tax deductible. Check with your tax consultant to see if leased art can be incorporated into your tax strategy. Once your strategy is in place, your art consultant will be able to meet your needs with a program that beautifies your office while lowering your tax bill.

The reality is that most walls remain empty because no one is comfortable making the decision. Art is a personal thing. What one person loves, another will not. Working with an experienced art consultant will greatly reduce the frustration and bias in favor of art that everyone can agree on. And if the art isn't just right, leased or rented art can be easily switched.

In a time where budgets are tight and employee morale is tempered by many factors out of our control, it is nice to know that a small investment in artwork can increase productivity, creativity and job satisfaction. Work with an art consultant to find the art that works best in a particular environment and watch how employees get a boost.

And finally, art in the lobby or public areas of a business tell the outside world who you are and what you stand for. Consider artwork for its color or message. Work with an art consultant to discover local artists or environmentally friendly art. Your public areas speak volumes to your customers, vendors and other audiences. When you think about it that way, art is very effective advertising to your most key audiences for a fraction of the cost of external advertising.

There are many great reasons to add artwork to your office area, lobbies and customer service areas of your workplace. And not a single good reason not to. Call your art consultant today and find the art that works for you.

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