Monday, October 4, 2010

Lease or Rent Metal Artwork to Bring Balance and Inspiration

Let's face it. The work that often takes place in an office building is very necessary but also can be boring. Placing art work such as sculpture in the work office or lobby can bring balance and inspiration to those who spend their days attending meetings and generating reports.

Metal work is an emerging media that, increasingly, is "drawing outside" its own lines. New processes are allowing Metal artists to express their point of view on society and culture like never before.

Traditionally, metal work was relegated to standard designs such as wrought iron. Today, metal work can be most anything, including unexpected uses of everyday materials. Computer chips, Ethernet cable, wire rope, drink cans, or items from the landfill can be woven into the story that is told by a piece of metal.

Metal work is expressive and brings out thought and emotion. Therefore, carefully consider the art work. Is it the right piece in the right location to convey the message that is sought? The price range of metal work also ranges widely and is available for rent or lease. You may be pleasantly surprised at the affordability and flexibility to bring that perfect piece for your work place or lobby.

Work with your art consultant to find local metal artists whose work will resonate with and inspire customers, employees and others who visit your office in the price range that meets your budget.

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