Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Textiles - A Fabulous Art Form

Facility and building managers, corporate, executive and healthcare offices might want to consider textiles to decorate the office lobby or work spaces. There are unique qualities to woven cloth decoration that should be considered as part of the overall art strategy including aesthetics and sound mitigation.

When talking about textiles, I am referring to use of fabrics such as tapestries for wall coverings, window coverings, upholstery for furniture, or floor coverings. When used as part of the overall effect of a lobby or workspace, the use of woven textiles has certain distinct characteristics. Textiles can help to maintain a traditional look and feel while bringing softness. They can inspire strength and stability while bringing color and creativity to a floor when used with or instead of carpet. Textiles can even be placed in such a way to create a sense of chic.

Every culture has textiles as part of its art heritage. Woven into the textiles is much about the climate, geography and even the hearts and minds of those who share that culture. How the textiles are constructed, the colors and choice of images tells stories where words fail.

Do textiles fit into your overall plan for the decor of your office lobby or work area? Working with your art consultant, you will find the right style of art to speak the message of your business. She will guide you through the investment and business aspects or leasing, renting or purchasing art that makes your office the very place where people want to come to work and transact business, whatever business you are involved with. Contact us for a free consultation: (888) 440-9260 or lisa@artrentandlease.com.

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