Monday, October 25, 2010

Picasso's Birthday & International Artist Day

October 25, 2010 has been selected to honor artists and their contributions to humanity as International Artist Day, and it's also Picasso's birthday.

From their website:
Art is the backbone of everything we use and see that is man made yet the artist behind the scenes is seldom recognized. Cultures are defined by their art, yet we take for granted these unsung divas of art.  Everyone can participate on this day in many ways:

1.Visit a gallery and explain why you're there.

2.Purchase a piece of art to support an artist.

3.Visit an artist studio.

4.Take an artist to lunch and explore their world.

5. Contact us about an art rental, art lease or how we can help you bring the beauty of fine art into your space!

Art Rent and Lease provides artwork for facility and building managers, corporate and real estate offices, medical, dental and hospital facilities, short-term photo shoots and movie sets, home and building staging, with rental prices starting at just $25 per month.  Ask about a free initial consultation! (888) 440-9260 x710 for more details.

Enjoy the day!
Lisa Powell

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