Monday, March 21, 2011

"Situationist" iPhone App an Art Collective

Turns your social network into an art collective.  From
The way it works is simple: Situationist's location-aware design lets it scan your area for other Situationist-ists nearby, then zaps you a photo of them paired with a little "challenge" for the two of you to enact. Then you have five minutes to find the person, do the deed (which can be anything from "hug for 5 seconds exactly" to the more 1960s-ish "storm a local TV station") and then walk away. Think of it as a fusion of Foursquare and Improv Everywhere, but without the exhibitionism: instead of "creating a scene" for everyone around to gawk at and post on YouTube, Situationist is meant to provoke small-scale shared encounters.
Lisa Powell at Art Rent and Lease thought this was a cool app relating to artwork and wanted to share with you!

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