Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things you can use to Decorate your Walls!

"Symphony in Red" by Catherine Kleeman

From Home and Garden, Home Decor:

A painting or print isn't the only thing you can use to decorate your walls. The next time you try to fill some wall space, consider a few of these ideas to help ...

Rugs: Some rugs can be amazing works of art. Look for longer pile rugs without bound edges. You can even hook your own rug -- there a hundreds of patterns available and you can pick your own colors. Either way, don't overlook a rug as a potential focal point in your room.

Quilts: aren't only for keeping us warm at night. Quilts can also be amazing works of art and they can also be a good investment.

Mounted Cut Outs: Letters, cartoon figures, theme objects -- whatever you like -- carefully and neatly cut out the shapes, mount them to a board and then raise them off the wall with a few pieces of cut wood behind them. Quick, easy wall hangings.

Clustered Baskets: come in all shapes, sizes, colors -- or your can paint and stain them to coordinate with your room. You can arrange a cluster of baskets with endless possibility and it's an inexpensive way to create a wall hanging.

Broken Ceramic Mosaic: If you're a little more on the creative side, try your hand at a broken ceramic mosaic for your walls. Build a simple wood frame on a piece of wall board as your base. Then use broken tile, dishware, buttons, notions -- whatever you fancy to create a one-of-a-kind wall hanging for your room.

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