Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Corporate Art Planning

Corporate art planning can be a great way not only to buy art, but also to sharpen your business goals and brighten the mood of your company. Budget is not your only consideration. Your physical space presents your company to visitors of interest--clients, shareholders, the competition. Your choice of art also signals your company's social standing, its attitude to its internal and external community, and its history.

Set Your Budget, Your Priorities and Your Time Frame

  • Will you be placing a few big pieces right away, or are you planning for the next 10 years? If you are a new company moving into new offices, your process will be different from that of a company with a collection of objects reflecting its history. You may choose to spend your entire budget on one Picasso, or you may wish to set your corporate tone throughout your space.
We Can Help!

  • Consider renting or leasing your art - you conserve capital, can expense the payment and best of all, you can have your artwork rotated every 3 to 6 months for a fresh, new look in your lobby and conference room.
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