Friday, July 15, 2011

Use Your Existing Company Art Resources

Assemble Your Resources
  • Some wonderful "art" can be found in objects your company already owns. As you walk down the hallways of any big movie studio, you see movie posters and set photos, and sometimes even the founder's hat and eyeglasses, on display. An ad agency plasters the walls with memorable campaigns. A sports club presents photos from each year's team.
  • Check your company for all visual products generated during design, sales and marketing. Assemble process art into one larger piece which dramatizes the creation of your product. Also check for photos, awards and trophies, maps, certificates, and any print products such as menus, brochures and news clips.
  • The key is to combine your objects in a way that enhances their drama. Coordinating their framing with your space is key. You may wish to hire an  art consultant to help with your project.
Art Rent and Lease helps companies utilize their resources for image enhancement, branding, to fill empty walls, to change up the look and feel of their space.  Call for information: (888) 440-9260 or visit us at

Shown above is an installation of Meg Black's pieces at an architectural firm, featuring various company projects.

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