Friday, November 12, 2010

Color Choice a Key to a Brand's Success

Colors are a key to a brand's success, but also to your office success.  Consider color when you're redecorating, want to spruce up your home or office, need to uplift those that enter your space!

We have a large selection of colorful artwork for rent, art for lease and art for sale - prices are low, and for a business, if you rent art you can expense the rental payment - a true win-win.

Take a look at this article from Office Arrow:

The colors of a brand play a key role in how consumers will react to the product. Here are some tips to consider as you try to determine what colors to use.

Most often, consumers will interact with your product on a visual level first. This means that the wrong visual presentation can deter them from choosing your product.

Leslie Harrington, the executive director of The Color Association and a color consultant, told Inc. magazine that she advises business owners not to leave color choice up to designers alone, as the color of a brand is a business, not artistic, decision. Color choice will affect your company's overall performance either for better or worse.

Finding a color that is authentic to the message the brand communicates is key, says Harrington. Do not focus too much on what colors consumers like or what colors are trendy. Instead, make sure they connect to the brand.

Your clients and your employees are dependent on your brand - let us help you enhance your brand, your image and to bring the beauty of fine art into your space!

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