Saturday, November 27, 2010

Street Art: Ben Wilson's Chewing Gum Paintings

Art Rent and Lease loves innovative and creative art!  Check out these Chewing Gum Paintings:

Thanks to Kuriositas, our curiosity was momentarily quenched when they revealed a unique kind of street art. Imagine walking down the street and all of a sudden the gray sidewalk- once just boring slabs of concrete- turns into a canvas for mini paintings, colorful little morsels that make your day. Ben Wilson, a London based artist, is on a six year quest to turn abandoned bits of chewing gum into a collection of paintings. As Kuriositas explains, Wilson finds a piece of gum that has been around for a while (thus lacking in moisture) and heats it up with a burner. He then lacquers it, making it a more durable surface, allowing his acrylic paintings to last longer. Check out the slideshow below to see Wilson at work, and Kuriositas to read more about him.

Slideshow link:

Thanks to the Huffington Post for this link!

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