Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Rent or Lease Art?

Why rent or lease art?  Simple:

1)  A business can expense a rental payment on artwork
2)  Low up-front cost conserves capital
3)  No one knows it's rented but you
4)  Our consultant visits your office to view your space,
     we'll make recommendations and provide a cost
     estimate/proposal, complete installation, voila!

We have thousands of original paintings and sculpture
available from artists throughout the US, with prices from
$25 to $800 per month per painting, and groups of 6 - 8
paintings starting at $195 per month. 

We've rented art to Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies,
Banks, Law Firms, Medical and Dental Offices, Building
Managers, and more - it's simple, cost effective and always
on-time.  Call us for more information or to schedule a free
consultation: (888) 440-9260 x710

**Woman owned, established in 12/2000 with offices in
New York, Austin, Boston, Washington D.C., San Diego,
Minneapolis, Portland OR, Sacramento and Philadelphia.

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