Thursday, November 18, 2010

Socially Responsible Design - A Lot Harder than it Looks

Over 70% of the artwork we rent, lease and sell is eco-friendly and sustainable, utilizing recycled and reused materials, natural pigments and dyes.  Our goal is to help companies beautify their space and be socially responsible at the same time. 

Excerpt from an article featured in the ASID "Eye on Design"  from
The (Limited) Power of Good Intentions
Socially responsible design is a whole lot harder than it looks
By Julie Lasky

Unless you’ve been living in Cathay Pacific’s first-class lounge at Hong Kong Airport and reading nothing but Agatha Christie novels, you may have noticed that more architects and designers than ever are working to save the world. They want to contribute not just to a healthy economy but also to a clean, well-regulated environment and peaceful society. And they’re beating multiple paths to those ambitions: forming nonprofit companies or partaking in corporate social-responsibility initiatives, mobilizing students, partnering with NGOs, applying for foundation grants, and participating in competitions trolling for innovative ideas. They’re even moonlighting in their studios, designing emergency shelters, water purifiers, public-awareness campaigns, sustainably sourced fashion, and solar-powered stoves.

Are they spinning their wheels?

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