Sunday, January 23, 2011

Evolving Your Strategies - Delivering Value to Clients

As the saying goes: Innovate or evaporate.  Strategic artwork placed in the building lobby, conference rooms and main hallways adds value:  prestige, beauty and mission.

A renewed focus on business strategies and entrepreneurship will be seen at all scales of practice. What’s the perfect domestic/global project mix? What are some new ways to respond to client needs to combat the ever-increasing competition for projects? Delivering value will be an emphasis in client communications, while continuous marketing will be pursued in all markets and sub-markets. Creative new strategies are essential to the new business paradigm, as are investments in people, technology, and research.

Call us about renting, leasing or purchasing artwork for your public spaces - you can make a big impression for just a few dollars per day: 888-440-9260.

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