Saturday, January 8, 2011

MSN Money: Why own when you can rent?

By MP Dunleavey
MSN Money, An Excerpt:

Oh, the things you can rent!

Transumers are able to enjoy a vast and ever-changing number of experiences. For example:

Why buy one pricey designer bag when you can rent a dozen at Bag Borrow or Steal or From Bags to Riches?

Why pay for the upkeep of a car when you can car-share for a fraction of the cost, renting a Prius for your grocery trip, a Mini for your date and a truck for bringing home your latest Craigslist bargain? (Check out to find dozens of services, like Zipcar, in cities all over the world.)

Why buy a piece of artwork when you can adorn your home with a series of low-priced rentals from a local museum or online gallery such as Art Rent & Lease, or even free pieces on loan from a library?

Less is more in the short term. There's nothing new about renting, of course.

Renting has long been an alternative to buying things that were unaffordable or pointless to purchase because you needed them only temporarily (whether a tuxedo, pressure washer or diamond tiara for the Oscars).

But the seesawing economy has highlighted a big advantage of renting: Smaller, incremental payments are more manageable when you're worried about cash flow and job security.

Is renting really a cheaper way to go? It can be.

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