Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Can a Corporate Art Consultant do for YOU?

Anyone who makes decisions regarding a space where any work is done should consider the time and cost savings of an art consultant. An art consultant is invaluable in the decisions of where to place art, what kind of art, and what financing options are available to meet budget needs.

The two biggest stumbling blocks to moving past bare walls is fear of picking something that someone will not like and then working within a budget. Believe me, an art consultant has everyday experience in these two hang ups. To say that most people in that position feel your pain is an understatement.

What often happens is that those two points cause decision makers not to decide and those walls stay empty. The message to customers and the morale of employees remain bare and tax incentives are left on the table.

Obviously, Building and Facility Planners can and often do benefit from the services of an art consultant. But there are so many others who could benefit. Within almost any budget. Have you ever thought about utilizing an art consultant for short term needs? Examples of short term options where an art consultant can be an invaluable part of the team are advertising shoots, home staging's for resale, open houses for professional offices or even movie sets.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and start reaping the benefits! 888-440-9260 for a free initial consultation.

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