Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Great Reasons to Rent or Lease Art

Many companies think that they don't have the budget for artwork in their lobby and work area, especially in today's tough economy. This is a flawed perception. As a matter of fact, with the flexibility of leased or rented art, facilities managers and even owners of small businesses with a significant brand identity can't afford not to consider the benefits of leased or rented artwork.

Instead of staring at four empty walls or filling the lobby with silk plants, there are at least ten good reasons to consider the simplicity, economic benefit and uplift to a work area that art rental brings.

A rental can meet the business clients needs from an aesthetic point of view, can be beneficial for environmental and regional purposes and provides many financial benefits. The most obvious reason for considering artwork instead of bare walls is the aesthetics.

Making the decision to lease or rent art brings the beauty of fine art into the workspace. I think that anyone would agree that a beautiful place is a better place to spend time, whether as a valued customer, employee or vendor.

Carefully selected artwork is a good business decision.

First of all, tasteful art that is alignment with the corporate mission and vision enhances and reinforces the corporate image and message.

Second, the beauty of art improves the overall morale of both client and employees.

The third benefit is unique to leased and rented art. Did you know that leased or rented artwork can be rotated every few months for a "new" look? Art can be changed annually or even seasonally, converting a once uninteresting lobby or meeting area into a gallery for unique artwork?

A fourth and very compelling reason to lease or rent art is the flexibility of the try before you buy aspects of leased or rented art. The pressure to make a decision is greatly reduced when the piece of art can be swapped out. The selection of artwork can be a highly personal choice which, frankly, makes facilities managers uncomfortable at times. With the ability to rotate art, this personal nature of the decision is removed.

There are several reasons why leased art from local artists or artists who work in environmentally friendly medium can project a positive image for a building or company, which bring us to the fifth and sixth great reasons to consider the rental of art.

The fifth reason for renting art is to support the work of artists who work in mediums that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

The sixth reason to lease or rent art is to encourage local economic development. Art rentals can support local emerging artists by getting their work out of a gallery and into the local community where local patrons who might appreciate local talent can become aware of the artist's existence. Where you may not be in an economic position to purchase original art, leasing or renting could put the works of local artists on your walls to be appreciated by your local employees and clientele.

The reality of leasing and renting art has many great benefits that may be hidden in the fear of the perception. The last four great reasons to rent or lease art are all based on financial factors.

The seventh reason to lease or rent art is that in many cases, rental payments are deductible as a business expense. Discuss with your tax consultant the tax benefits of renting or leasing art.

Discuss your budget and term limitations with your art consultant, who is an expert at putting the right art into your office under the right terms for you to take advantage of tax benefits.

Specifically, an art rent or lease is an "off the balance sheet" transaction and will not raise the red flags that might a new acquisition might.

In addition to tax benefits, leasing or renting art allows you to have a lobby and work area that meets your needs and corporate profile while conserving capital for other business uses.

Your art consultant can work with you to tailor a program that requires little money down and costs a small percentage of what an acquisition would cost.

With ten very good reasons to seriously consider rented or leased art, call your art consultant today. And stop staring at four blank walls tomorrow.


We look for artwork suitable for a corporate lobby, conference room or hallway. Artists can send 3 to 4 small jpg images to me along with associated information such as size, medium, wholesale price, their resume and/or a website link. lisa@artrentandlease.com


Art Rent and Lease specializes in providing art rentals and leases to corporate, healthcare and hospitality clients in the US. Our consultants work directly with clients to determine a budget, make selections and complete installation. In business since December 2000, we've helped companies when they need artwork inexpensively, quickly and discreetly.

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