Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recycled Art Is Creative and Helps Save the Planet

Does your company take a stand on the environment in its mission or business statement? Does the artwork in your office reflect that position? If not or if you are thinking that four bare walls is making a statement of minimalism, you might want to step back and take another look at art that has a purpose of saving the environment.

Many contemporary artists use recycled materials today. The sculpture shown above utilizes recycled high voltage wires created with zero energy and rents for just $60 per month!  Artists also incorporate materials and processes that dramatically decrease the toxic impact of their works, with artwork that ranges from contemporary to modern to traditional and may not have much of a different look or feel than the art of earlier times.

If your office wants the world to take notice of a stand on the need to protect the environment, repurposed art may speak the message you wish to convey in healthy volume.  Consider the work of artists who incorporate reclaimed and recycled materials in their work. Such pieces evoke a high sense of awareness to the viewer and are intended to change behaviors toward conservation and away from wastefulness.

Are you ready to take a stand but seek guidance to find the artist who speaks in the voice where you wish to be heard? Art consultants are highly knowledgeable and offer innovative programs where you can be put in touch with artists and works that reach your spirit and innovative programs that meet your budget.

Contact us for more information on eco-friendly, sustainable artwork and how our consultants can help you select art that helps the environment. Visit our website at: or call us at (888) 440-9260 x710.

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