Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2011 Budgets Just Around The Corner

Summer is over, how can that be?  It seems like just yesterday that I was pulling out my white pants for the season!  Now it's time to embrace Fall and Winter, put away those warm weather clothes, summery throw pillows, prune the plants and bring out the warm socks.

For many of you it's time to plan for 2011 budgets, update your space and prepare for the new year.  If you need to spruce up your home or office, re-frame, redorate or you are relocating or expanding, consider working with one of our art consultants to maximize your art budget.

You can check out the website at http://www.artrentandlease.com/ and see over 3,500 original works of art from artists throughout the US.  For more information, please follow our blog - it talks about many different areas within the world of art: artists, artwork, color, design, styles, tax-deductions on art rentals, art leasing, art for your building or office, utilizing art to improve your corporate image and enhance employee morale...all meant to help and inform.

Lisa (888) 440-9260 x710 or lisa@artrentandlease.com

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