Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nostalgic Vintage Art Styles

Vintage art is a style that is nostalgic, comforting and wildly popular. Subjects ranges from cinema, automobiles, comic books, factories, airplanes, pin-up models and lots more - bringing a sense of the past into the present.

If vintage art is the right selection for your home or office, work carefully with your art consultant to frame and exhibit the piece in such a way that the vintage work fits your style and personality.  Originals can increase substantially in value over time, so always use quality matting and framing, along with museum-quality glass to enhance and protect your art.

A great place to find vintage art is through galleries that specialize in vintage artwork, antique dealers and your local art consultant.  Do your homework when selecting vintage art to make sure you're getting what you think - if you're paying $10 for a poster, chances are it's not original.  If you're paying hundreds or thousands, verify it's authenticity and provenance with the seller before you buy.

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