Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Products and Techniques Eliminate or Greatly Reduce the Toxic Content of Art for Your Office

Is the art that is hanging in your workplace in alignment with corporate mission statement? Are you projecting an image to your employees and customers that you are a green environment? Is the artwork displayed in your office aligned with that statement?

New techniques and materials are available to artists to keep them safe and the earth that is often the subject of their work, clean as well. More frequently, graphic and print artists have moved over to the use of non-toxic electrolytic and electrochemical methods that do not require acids and safe etching and proofing techniques the substitute most harmful solvents and chemicals for etching, relief prints, monotypes and collages.

And even where non-toxic chemicals and solvents are necessary, training is available to artists in techniques which dramatically decrease the usage and danger of these materials.

Do you know if the artwork displayed in your workplace is "green"? An informed art consultant can work with you to find the artwork that meets the needs of your workplace tailored to your budget, taste and mission statement.

Our consultants are located in major cities in the US.  We provide short-term art rentals, longer term art leases, art for sale including paintings and sculpture....anything you need to beautify your space!  Visit our website at or call us at (888) 440-9260 x710 for a free consultation.

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